Guest blog – Working with ozone

The wonderful Valerie Wells kindly wrote about her experiences with ozone and how it helped with her SAD..

” I live in the Pacific North West of the USA and I’ve had significant depression that lasts from October through to the end of March since I moved here in 1979. It’s typical SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I do all the usual recommended treatments for SAD–light therapy, large doses of vitamin D, exercise, fresh air, prayer & meditaion, etc.–but results are lack luster. I still get very depressed every winter.

Right on schedule, my depression returned in October 2015 and got worse & worse until I had an accident that I turned everything around. I burned some cabbage on the stove a couple days before Christmas. The smell was horrid, so I pulled out my dusty old industrial size ozone generator from my garage to get rid of the smell in time for Christmas. After I used it, I felt a lift in my mood for a couple hours. The next day, the smell still lingered, so I used it again. Same results, a distinct lift in my mood.  I began using it every morning for 30 minutes while I did my light therapy & bounced on my mini trampoline. My depression lifted and I haven’t had a single SAD symptom since.

This is a miracle for me. I’ve had a happy January and now, nearly three weeks into February, I’m still symptom free. Ozone for depression; who knew?

There’s never been any research that I know of about ozone for depression. I guess that is because the FDA has declared that ozone is unfit for use in medicine. I beg to differ. I see ozone as simply energized oxygen and it makes me feel WONDERFUL!

UV light rays convert oxygen into ozone. In southern climates, there’s almost always a little ozone in the air all year round. In the northern latitudes (above Atlanta, Georgia), there’s only ozone in the air in the summer time. Tanning salons are loaded with ozone because the UV rays of the tanning beds convert some of the oxygen into ozone. As far as I know, no one has ever died from breathing outdoor summer air or the air in a tanning salon.” ~ Valerie Wells

This sounds like an interesting avenue to investigate further when treating SAD symptoms.

Thanks go to Valerie for sharing her experience.  If you have found any treatments that aren’t covered in this website or blog successful please feel free to contact me.


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