Site update – Move to WordPress

This site was first hosed by Wix but there were some issues with people getting security warnings… so we have moved over to WordPress.  It’s taken a while to move everything across and get the site looking nice but I think it’s worth it… watch this space for more blogs 🙂


Site update – Aromatherapy page added

For some time I have known that aromatherapy would be a useful tool to help us SAD people get through the winter.  Aroma bypasses the middle brain and triggers emotional responses that can be quite surprising.  Think of when you smell coconut, instantly many of us are taken to beaches in the 80’s and the smell of sun cream.  We very briefly have similar sensations to what we would have if we were actually on the beach.

I wanted to put a page together but as I am not a trained aromatherapist I knew I wasn’t up to the task.  In steps JC Shannon who has so very kindly written the content for a page so that we could add it to our toolbox.

If you want to read more head over to the page now, just click here

Site update – Links page added

I have been working on getting together a page with links to important and informative sites.  It became apparent that the page needed to be published as quickly as possible so people could access the links.  This has happened but it is sorely missing important links.

I plan to keep adding to this page with the best links giving the best information.  Keep your eye on that page for more updates.