About me…

My SAD Story

I don’t believe I have had SAD all my life, I noticed the change when certain, seemingly innocent, aspects of my life changed in my early 30s.

Firstly I went from getting up at 8am and dashing to work to the alarm going off at 6am to allow more time to prepare.  This meant that for nearly half the year I am now waking up before the dawn.

Secondly in my workplace I moved from a desk next to a large south facing window to one in the middle of an office, reducing the amount of natural sunlight I get.

These changes hint to what I believe are the causes of SAD. I found I was being jolted awake, in the dark, from deep sleep by an alarm.  This always started my day badly.  I would cry in the shower every morning and suffer anxiety and all the other normal symptoms throughout the winter.

Since this time I have been researching and connecting with other sufferers to find ways to make winters easier.  This has led to me leading workshops, writing blogs and now this website.  I hope by spending a little time reading what you find here and doing some of your own research you will build up your own toolkit to help you through the winter.

A little more about me.

As a qualified complementary therapist, working with crystals and Bach Flowers Remedies, my passion has long been to help others find a path out of their suffering.  Along with this website I also have my site for Crystaloak Therapies and a Blogger page Ponderings at Crystaloak.

I am constantly seeking new ways to deal with the stress, anxiety and depression that many people face in day to day life.  This site is simply my way of giving back to society what I have found helps me.

Wishing you warm sunny days full of joy and laughter!