The Body

I’m relatively new to treating my SAD… I’ve decided to take the fight to SAD and throw everything I’ve got at making life better through the winter months, not only for myself but my wife and kids because it effects us all as a family!
Firstly I’ve started using a really good light box in the morning and I’ve also been taking vit d3 and magnesium.
Those three things have almost got rid of all of my symptoms and for the first time in moths I’ve felt nearly myself again.
If I can give anyone any advice I’d say, don’t sit back and just get by with life!
Try and help yourself, you’re the only one who can change things, nobody else!!
And the main thing YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! – Mike

 SAD is first and foremost a physiological issue so when we are working on creating a toolkit to help with our SAD the body is the first aspect to look at.  Without using the tools that relate to the actual cause of SAD in the body most of the other treatments won’t work.

 In this section I will discuss Light Therapy, Taking Supplements, DietExercise and other tools that can help with the physical aspects of SAD.