Other Physical treatments

Infra-Red heat treatment

In the last few years I have seen Infra-red heat treatment mentioned in a few places on the web.  The suggestion is that using a ceramic infra-red heater can help ease the symptoms of SAD.

I have no scientific expertise but from speaking to many sufferers one of the things they struggle with is the cold and dark.  We can combat the darkness with our normal light therapy but this does not combat the cold.  It would make sense that working with an infra-red heater would help with this aspect.

It could also be suggested that, in our history, we would have spent time looking at a burning fire, receiving infra red light at the same time.  Our modern day central heating has once again removed exposure to a natural healing light.

From what I have read infra-red light is not dangerous like UV light and is often used in modern saunas.  I would suggest further research in this if the cold is a major factor in your SAD.