I think this concept is so important in changing the way we see winter that I gave it its own page!

The Danish have a word “hygge” which roughly translates to “cozy”, although there is so much more to it as it conveys the feeling you get from sitting in front of a roaring fire with a hot toddy and good friends while a storm is blowing outside.  Some believe that having this aspect in the Danish culture actually helps stave off the symptoms of SAD.

I believe this is a great tool for coping with the effects of winter.  Simply allowing yourself to feel deep comfort can help with the harshness of the cold, wet and dark days.

All to often we use sheer bloody-mindedness to get through the winter and we forget how important it is to have times when you are gentle with yourself.  Create yourself a space where you feel cosy; it can be a comfy chair in a sunny window where you can sit with a warm drink and a book, maybe it’s being wrapped up in a fluffy blanket while you watch a favourite film or even an blanket fort like you built as a kid.   Call a friend and meet in a coffee shop and treat yourself to a piece of cake or maybe wrap up warm and take a walk to feed the ducks.   This is a time to truly work with self love and self compassion by surrounding yourself with people and things that make you feel loved, safe and happy.

It is ok to do this, no matter what jobs are pressing for your time or whatever anyone else thinks you should be doing.  By showing yourself compassion you are making it ok to feel what you feeling.  Denial is great when we have to get through the day but just allowing yourself to be with your SAD symptoms at a time where it is safe to do so is very important.