Bach Flower Remedies

Our emotions are one of the things that suffer the most with SAD; depression, anxiety; resentment; exhaustion and self pity are all things that can be treated using Bach Flower Remedies.  This system of healing is something anyone can access and is easy to use.

Many people have heard of Rescue Remedy and swear by it to help them with stressful times in their lives, however fewer people know that this is only one remedy in a whole range and is not always the most appropriate one for the situation.  If you would like to read more about why please visit my blog; Why Rescue Remedy won’t solve all your problems.

Using the remedies involves choosing the correct remedy from the range of 38 for the emotions you are feeling and taking 2 drops of each remedy 4 times a day.

Due to the way the remedies are made there are no worrying interactions with medication and they are not habit forming.

Remedies that can be helpful when dealing with SAD:


This remedy is for anxiety that has no recognisable cause.


Mimulus is a remedy that can be taken when we are feeling anxious about a specific worry or situation

Rock Rose

When we are paralysed with fear this remedy can help calm us and find solutions

Sweet Chestnut

When we feel we can no longer go on, where life has simply become too dark and scary, this remedy calms you down and gives strength to carry on.

Cherry Plum

This remedy is helpful when we are afraid of losing control.  If we fear sinking too deep into depression or anxiety it can calm the mind and allow us to trust ourselves to keep us safe.


Olive is for deep exhaustion, when we have nothing left to give this remedy can either help us carry on or allow us to rest effectively.


A remedy for the Monday morning feeling when just thinking about doing something is enough to put us off even though we know we will be ok once we get going.


It can be hard to know when we, ourselves, need this remedy as it is for when we are lost to self pity.  Sometimes things aren’t as bad as they seem, this remedy gives us perspective and helps us get out of our pit of misery.

Of course, these remedies cover the whole range of emotions so others may be more appropriate.