Colour therapy

One of the things I have personally found challenging in the winter is the loss of colour in the world around me.  In the summer the sky is blue, grass is green.  There are bright flowers around and everyone is wearing brightly coloured clothes.  Even the food we eat is brightly coloured with salads of green leaves and bright red tomatoes.

When winter arrives we are often surrounded by a monochrome world; all the leaves are gone from the trees and the grass seems somewhat dreary.  Even the sea becomes grey and depressing.  Add clouds and even snow and all the colour drains out of life.  By the time we get to March I am craving the colour green like my life depends on it.

Bring colour back into your life

This is why I strongly believe it is important to ensure that you bring colour into your life if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Think of the colours you are missing; green, blue, yellow, orange, red, all these colours appear in nature but can be introduced back into our lives.  As a woman I love to wear colourful scarves but men could invest in some jazzy ties or bright shirts.

Bring houseplants into your home and change the wallpaper on your computer if you spend time sat at one.  I have purposely chosen the colours for the backgrounds of the screens here so that they are helping you in this way.

Look to make your food more colourful; add yellow bananas, oranges and tomatoes to your life along with green salads.

If you really want to experiment with colour there are colour therapists working in most towns and these can bring you healing energy through colour.  I have done this a couple of times and have even chosen to study it further so I can make more use of it.