MIR Method

This is an easy and quick to learn tool that takes moment to do.

The MIR Method (Mental Intuitive Reset) system , developed by kinesiologist Mireille Mettes, is a complete system and is useful for physical, mental, and emotional problems. It takes 20 minutes to learn and only 2 minutes a day to perform and is simply a case of repeating a number of short affirmations whilst using gentle physical contact such as stroking your hand.  It has been known to have profound effects on people’s lives and has led to positive change.

I personally found it extremely helpful when dealing with the anxiety aspect of SAD.

Rather than explain any further I will leave it to the expert; Mireille herself.

If you’re interested in how the MIR Method can apply directly to SAD please check out this blog by Mireille herself on MIR Method and Vitamin D