On this page I have collected together a number of useful links I have found while researching this site.  I will continue to add links as I find more information.

None of these sites are guaranteed safe, please ensure you use security software prior to visiting any of them.  If you find that any of them are no longer working or contain malware please contact me using the contact box at the bottom of this page.

Circadian Rhythm links

Information about circadian rhythms and tests to work out when it is best for you to use your light box:

Automated Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (AutoMEQ)

This test assesses whether you are a morning or evening person and calculates when it is best for you to use your light.  This page has been known to stop working at times. If this is the case here is a pdf version you can use to calculate it manually.

Philips Circadian Rhythm Test

This is a different test to calculate whether your circadian rhythm is out of balance.

Vitamins and other supplements

Information on the various supplements that can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Vitamin D Society

Articles and information on Vitamin D

The Vitamin D Council

Articles and information on Vitamin D

Vitamin D Wiki

This link offers a vast amount of information on Vitamin D research

What dose of Vitamin D3 am I taking?

This is a helpful UG to UI converter to help you calculate your dose of Vitamin D3

Magnesium – the missing link to better health

Information on how magnesium interacts with Vitamin D and how important it is for general health.  Also includes information on the different kinds of magnesium supplements available.

Magnesium – The original chill pill

This site shows how magnesium can help with anxiety and coping with stress.

Why should you take Vit K with your Vit D?

This page explains the connection between Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitamin K and why they should be taken together

How a vitamin cured my anxiety

It appears that connections are being made between Vitamin B and a number of conditions, including mental health issues.

Mindfulness and other resources for the mind.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Association

A UK based association for people with seasonal affective disorder.

Free mindfulness resources

A number of free to use mindfulness meditations.

Anxiety self help strategy

This site gives a basic introduction on self help strategies for living with and reducing anxiety.